Birds in Hats, Sounds your Dad makes, Sudo Vagina Rebirth therapy, and the Censored song

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Episode Summary
Are Birds making fasion choices or is someone doing something awful, and Are you unhappy with your life dissatifisde with certian life choices maybe you should be reborn. Mybe you should crawl out of a giant sudo vagina in this effort. And as always full cast comedy sketches, jokes, silliness, funny songs, "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Mawwiage." - the Princess Bride, antics, high fives, and good times. Enjoy!

Hey Everyone, RandomBush was just put into someones top 20 comedy podcast's list . And we are super glad it was a top 20 and not a top 10 cuase we came in at 11. We want to thank Anuj Agarwal for his very considerate act of including RandomBush in his top 20 listing and of course for his impecable tast in comedy entertainment. Personally I enjoy many of these shows myself and have discovered new shows to love through Aruj's suggestions. That listing can be found here at this link.

Thank you and enjoy.

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Written and Performed By your host's
Andrew Bush and Shawn Random

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"Today's Episode is brought to Us by"
VOICE ACTRESS - Felicia Bush

"Sounds your Dad makes"
ANNOUNCER - Andrew Bush
DAD - Shawn Random

"the Censored song"
SHAWN - Shawn Random
ANDREW - Andrew Bush

Other V.O. talents Featured in this Episode
OPENER – Porchea Carroll
CTA - Foster Manly

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