Cheese Quesadilla, Date with a Dom, the Edible Cafe, and A peek Inside the Mind of a Brain

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Episode Summary
Who does'nt love a cheese quesadilla? and everyone wants to go out to eat at a restaurant but how fun would it be to going out to eat the restaurant itself. And as always full cast comedy sketches, jokes, silliness, funny songs, "Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays" - Office Space, antics, high fives, and good times. Enjoy

Thank you and enjoy.

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Written and Performed By your host's
Andrew Bush and Shawn Random

Music theme Provided by
Mr.Strawberry (Instrumental) - Dj.AomDoo Feat. YOSHI

"Today's Episode is brought to Us by"
VOICE ACTRESS - Felicia Bush

"Date with a Dom"
Written by Monty Marshall
ACCOUNTANT - Foster Manley
DOM - Porsea Carroll
SERVER - Shawn Random

"a Peek inside the mind of the Brain"
ANNOUNCER - Shawn Random
BRAIN - Jeffrey M. Hartman

Other V.O. talents Featured in this Episode
OPENER – Ashley Donato
CTA - Porchea Carroll

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Futuristic Computer Sound Effects All Sounds
Piccadilly Doll Animation FREE SOUND EFFECTS Cloth Rustling
powering down Crash Sounds Free Sound Effects Crash Sound Clips Sound Bite(1)
Freesound - Robotic Arm.aiff by 4ntony
Royalty Free Piano Background Music: Royalty Free Jazz Instrumentalack
Freesound - Sitting on a Wooden Chair.flac by gustavever
Freesound - restaurant2.wav by sagetyrtle
Freesound - assorted_crashing.aiff by nothayama
Freesound - Biting, Crunchy, B.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Crashing eggs by Huminaatio
Freesound - Crowd Cheering by SoundsExciting
Freesound - Destruction, Wooden, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Explosion by Iwiploppenisse
Freesound - Group fighting by sonsdebarcelona
Freesound - Group Talking by 4177569399
Freesound - R27-46-Many Run By on Dirty Floor.wav by craigsm
Freesound - scream_group_long.aif by thanvannispen
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