Power Rangers, Fermentation, and God

S4 E10     00:23:08

Episode Summary
Is this food bad or fermented? Are the Power Rangers the good guy's? we think not, the proof is within. And as always full cast comedy sketches, jokes, silliness, funny songs, "Fish are friends, not food." - Finding Nemo, antics, high fives, and good times. Enjoy!

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Written and Performed By your host's
Andrew Bush and Shawn Random

Music theme Provided by
Mellow Funk - Retro Soul

"Today's Episode is brought to Us by"
VOICE ACTRESS - Felicia Bush

"Whom is this God character"
JAKE - Shawn Random
TONYA - Janelle Meghan
FRANSLOW - Elizabeth Alvarez
ANNOUNCER - Jarrod Tofoya
ELDER #1 - Dolph Adomian
ELDER #2 - Patty Kelly
ELDER #3 - Andrew Bush

"Selfish Younicorn"
ANNOUNCER - Mike Ferguson

Other V.O. talents Featured in this Episode
OPENER – Ali Cheff
CTA - Chelsea Tofoya

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
Freesound - Dreamy Kid's Show Melody by SoundsExciting
Freesound - 49.2_Monstruo caminando 2.wav by Pocosebas
Freesound - Alarm.wav by esistnichtsoernst
Freesound - alien sky.wav by X3nus
Freesound - Bug Zapper3.wav by CGEffex
Freesound - Crowd on Stairs.wav by quattrostagii
Freesound - Ethereal by 13NHarri
Freesound - Footsteps of soldier on ground.wav by Medartimus
Freesound - Gavel - 3 Strikes with room reverb by odditonic
Freesound - Indoor Footsteps.wav by dkiller2204
Freesound - Light Metal Gate Close by qubodup
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Freesound - Switch Flip #1 by IanStarGem
Freesound - Yes Sir - British Male by theuncertainman

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