Smelly Hands and Citrus

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Episode Summary
In todays episode the boys discuss the sex lives of citrus tree's. And what does your Hand smell like right now? Would you let your friend smell your hand, no questions asked? And as always full cast comedy sketches, jokes, silliness, funny songs, "We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about." - Best in Show, antics, high fives, and good times. Enjoy!

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Written and Performed By your host's
Andrew Bush and Shawn Random

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VOICE ACTRESS - Felicia Bush

"If Insta Models were well read"
IM#1 - Chelsea Tofoya
IM#2 - Janelle Meghan
IM#3 - Shannon Avraham
IM#4 - -Rea Kapur
IM#5 - Ali Cheff

"RandomBush: the Board Game"
KID#1 - Shannon Avraham
KID#2 - Rea Kapur
KID#3 - Ali Cheff
MOM- Janelle Megan
ANNOUNCER #1 - Shawn Random
ANNOUNCER #2 - Andrew Bush

Other V.O. talents Featured in this Episode
OPENER – Dolph Adomian
CTA - Porchea Carroll

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