This episode is a tall drink of water, which isn't as good as a short drink of vodka depending on what you're doing on Saturday.  Evan Randby of Randby Randby and Randby drops by to co-host like nobodies business!  Unless you're in the business of laughing!  So sit back, relax, and let ol' Uncle Bush take you to listen town!  (listen town is population = you!)




Co-Host:  Evan Randby

Check out his YouTube Channel HERE:


Vocal Appearances by:

Meredith Sonnefeldt - Herself

Felicia Bush - Announcer, Sarah



MidnightBluesMusic -


BenSound - HappyRock -


Funny Kids - Children's Music -


Beautiful Fairytale Music - Castle in the Clouds -


Salve Regina: A Templar Chant -


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